Ways To Take Control Back Over Your Mind

Develop an Endless Connection to Spirit

Spirit is our greatest ally toward self-liberation. I like to say the best remedy for living in the matrix, is being connected to the unified field of the Universe. Our connection to Spirit, Nature & Universal intelligence is designed to awaken us and support our evolution.

We must decide the future we would like to create by virtue of our thoughts and actions, and Spirit wants to inform us and steer us towards the highest outcome. Our free will however is what makes taking back control of our minds so essential, as we are given the opportunity to fall into lives other people created for us if we don’t create them for ourselves. Spirit is always here for you to be guided, reassured and nurtured by love. It’s undeniable that our thoughts have power. We must harness that power, while using the energy of our emotions, to take back control of our minds.

In this way we give ourselves the opportunity to bring greater meaning, love and consideration towards ourselves and to the World. By reprogramming our consciousness to a greater vision of ourselves and our lives, we can then use our minds to develop, build and create that vision. Together we can literally build a world that works for everyone.