Today I empowered my positive energy enormously with Connection, full of Love and Trust.Thanx Johan! Kris Kielman

Thank You, Thank You Thank, You Thank, You Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank amazing wonderful soul that you are.  I am very happy grateful blessed for having you in my life lots of love light blessings 💖🙏🙏 you are blessing 🌟🌞🙏💖 Zamira Johan

I enjoyed Togetherness with Like-Minded People, doing meaningful exercises together and realizing our dreams. we Created together an vortex of love and high vibrations. I met new people and got them to know them better. www.spiegelspel.nl Jacqueline de Weerd

I open my heart even more and show my power even more. I will have More insight how energy works in my body. What I really enjoyed was the energy work, enjoy in the nature, coziness. Beautiful delicate energy. Thank you very much Johan. Thank you for being here. Edwin Jansen

Recognition of things I already knew about. But they are now more clear than before. In fact all exercises were interesting. Diana Talens

I have learned a lot of exercises how to increase your energy and to focus. What I especially enjoyed was to meet new like-minded people with energetically high vibrations. Petra

I came here to increase the energy within me. This happened for sure. My trust is growing that I can listen to my intuition with confidence. Thank you for this beautiful day. Brigitte Hoogen

Dear Jojan. Thank you for this beautiful experience. I can enjoy more of this. Nice loving people, beautiful experience, I am feeling strong and empowered. I am thanking my friend who brought me here and added something beautiful to where I am at in my life. Love Marjan

Dearest Johan, One word; Fantastic, just lovely afternoon and life is terrific!

Johan your seminar was magnificent! The Volume of your voice was perfect! You are more ground, you are really super teacher! Today I received plethora confirmation and aha moments for great wisdom. I am so delight that you also explained in depth of the exercise so we can have deeper experience and results in Body, Mind and Soul. Barbara Meijer

I grew, flourished and enjoyed contact with myself and like-minded people.

I had fantastic exercises that were helping me to be me and to get closer to my goal. The Loving Energy and practical exercise increased my energy! Johan, I love you, Thank You. Tineke Hakvoort

I feel empowered and my Visions of my dreams are amplified. The exercise gave me more clarity on my dreams. Albrie Beemer

Thanx you for today’s energetic seminar! Great! I am supercharged after this afternoon. 68 second exercise gave me a really great exciting view of my me now! Love. Esther van Zurk

I love you, I love to be here, I love to be free expression of my heart and Soul I became stronger to express my true personality. Catherine Wijnding

I enjoy the most the 68 second exercise. I experienced Love, oneness, abundance of energy. The Science and wisdom offered me the evidence that all my dreams come true! Robert Oosthout

Feel Good to be plug in in GIN System and concepts. I have learned a lot about body energy today. I got lots of support to achieve my goals and the goals of the group. Thomas Steger

I received a lot of clarity on my goals and my mindset. I Shared my awareness of blocks and released the energy to move forward with ease. I focused how to feel without getting trigger by my own mind. I loved The Oneness of the group, and to share and support our goals. Monique Beijer

I liked the reunion with like-minded people who held each other to raise their vibrations. I experienced total freedom, oneness and connection with group. Paul Hoogendoorn