Be On the Call This Sunday. That Means You!!!

GIN Brothers and Sisters,

WOW! We are just getting back from our Global Freedom Fest in Montreal, Canada and we have so much new information to share!

There was a positive shift in the club’s energy this past weekend… amazing speakers took the stage, our FREEDOM was celebrated both as a movement and as individuals, and so many GIFTS were given to the attendees!

Want to hear more about these exciting updates? Even better… do YOU want a GIFT of your own?

Our club’s long-time Mentor and dedicated Leader Blaine Athorn has some announcements that you DO NOT want to miss on the update call this Sunday, July 30th at 1 pm Central Standard Time.

Whether you joined us in Montreal or you wish that you would have, THIS CALL IS FOR YOU. Dial in for thrilling updates that will blow your mind and launch our club into an even greater state of abundance.

We look forward to hearing your voice and feeling your energy on Sunday!

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“Some people are sharp and others dull; some are raised in a better environment, others in worse, the latter, having inferior habits and nurture, will require more by way of proof and careful instruction to master these teachings and to be formed by them—in the same way that bodies in a bad state must be given a great deal of care when perfect health is sought.” —MUSONIUS RUFUS, LECTURES, 1.1.33–1.3.1–3.
At the end of a frustrating exchange, you might find yourself thinking, Ugh, this person is such an idiot. Or asking, Why can’t they just do things right?
But not everyone has had the advantages that you’ve had. That’s not to say that your own life has been easy—you just had a head start over some people. That’s why it is our duty to understand and be patient with others.
Philosophy is spiritual formation, care of the soul. Some need more care than others, just as some have a better metabolism or were born taller than others. The more forgiving and tolerant you can be of others—the more you can be aware of your various privileges and advantages—the more helpful and patient you will be.


“Protect your own good in all that you do, and as concerns everything else take what is given as far as you can make reasoned use of it. If you don’t, you’ll be unlucky, prone to failure, hindered and stymied.” —EPICTETUS, DISCOURSES, 4.3.11

The goodness inside you is like a small flame, and you are its keeper. It’s your job, today and every day, to make sure that it has enough fuel, that it doesn’t get obstructed or snuffed out.

Every person has their own version of the flame and is responsible for it, just as you are. If they all fail, the world will be much darker—that is something you don’t control.But so long as your flame flickers, there will be some light in the world.