Clinging to Love….

What is this love I cling to?
Love is not something you can cling to.
It radiates from you when you are in truth.
It touches the truth in you when it radiates from another.
In some ways you cling to the idea of love like a raft.
– That it will save you from change, or evil, or undesirable discoveries.
You seek love from others in order to find a safe place.
You look for a constancy or something you can depend on in others,
to keep you safe from whatever you fear.
Others cannot protect you so.
And what you fear cannot harm you.
And safety is not in a hiding place. But in awareness.
And – in the discovery that there is nothing to fear.
Real Love
is in the greatest depth of awareness. It hides nothing.
But in perfect acceptance it has a peacefulness
that makes everything – “okay.”
Love is the opposite of fear – it is acceptance – of even the most
intolerable, and in this the intolerable is transformed.
We comfort one another in the process of life,
we have empathy and try to protect each other from pain.
But pain is not the enemy, Ignorance is.
Being a light of truth alleviates human suffering.
For infinite avoidance and protection makes a person fragile and spooky.
– Dusty in unnecessary ignorance.
To lovingly be the truth uplifts and frees those in your company.
You Know true love you shine with it, and it is shining upon you.
Just be reminded not to confound this love
with the mistaken idea  about protection,
security, and avoidance of pain.

To try to protect yourself, is to dishonor yourself.

Assuming false limitations upon yourself.