Simplify & Clean out your Life!

Is your life full of clutter? We are living in the age of time, famine and digital overload and the expectation to be “on” constantly means there has never been a more important term, for us to decompress, declutter and recalibrate our minds and bodies to ensure our wellbeing.

Stuffocation is a way of living now — with earning more, we buy more and have more stuff! It’s time to liberate ourselves and learn the discipline of less for a much happier life. Simplicity is one of the most valuable, yet underrated qualities you can strive to embrace in your life.

Simplifying your life gives you clarity, freedom from unnecessary effort and the ability to be fully present. When you do this, you effectively clear your mind so you can continue on your journey feeling confident and motivated. The areas you can get started on with the clean out could be home, finances, relationships, health and career.

Here are some instant ways to feel uncluttered:

  • Clean your car.
  • Halve your wardrobe.
  • Update your finances.
  • Do your Tax, Pay all bills.
  • Clean out the fridge.
  • Tidy your desk.
  • Get the garden done.
  • Donate all old magazines.
  • Clean out the pantry.
  • Return all borrowed items.

Drainers occur daily when we let our guard down — the mess operate simply and effectively is critical for tong-term success.

Put out cues the night before for how you want to start your day — a healthy breakfast, the dog lead, a candle for morning meditation.

Design boundaries at home to nurture and protect home life, and carve out quality time without distractions. Design boundaries at work to limit unproductive time especially meetings and petty politicking.