Let me share 2 secrets that will give you success

Let me share 2 secrets that will give you success in every area of your life. First, live in the present moment, be in present time, fully experience and focus on the “now”. If you examine your thoughts, you will find that you are almost always thinking about the past, or the future. Most people think of the past with some form of guilt, regret or negative feelings.
When you are not thinking about the past, most people’s thoughts are about the future: what they want or do not want to happen (and most of these future thoughts are fear based). Most people never really are thinking about and focusing on the moment they are experiencing. If you can focus on the “now”, the moment you are living and experiencing, you will release your inner peace and joy.
You will also vibrate frequencies that will allow you to create the life you “want”. The second secret is to truly love and cherish yourself. When you love yourself without judgment, you can BE the love that you ARE. When this happens, you are blissful.
You will live in the moment with grace and ease. You will radiate love, attract your “desires”, and create a magical glorious life filled with peace, contentment and fulfillment.
You will be happy no matter what the conditions are, yet all the conditions will be better than ever anyway. You are deeply and unconditionally loved so love yourself and experience what is already yours…your own magnificence. Much love…KT

The Tiger and the Goat

The story I’d like to give is that of a tigress who was pregnant, and starving hungry. She came upon a little flock of goats. And in pouncing upon them, with the energy that she expended, she brought on the birth of her little one and her own death. So she died giving birth to a little tiger. The goats, meanwhile, had scattered, and they finally came back to their little grazing place, and they found this just-born little tiger and its dead mother. They had very strong parental instincts, and they adopted the little tiger, who grew up thinking he was a goat. He learned to bleat, he learned to eat grass, but the grass was very bad for his digestive system. He couldn’t handle the cellulose. By the time he was an adolescent he was a pretty miserable specimen of his species.

At that time a male tiger pounced on the little flock, and they again scattered. But this little fellow was a tiger, he wasn’t a goat. So there he was, standing. The big fellow looked at him, And he said, “What, you living here with these goats?”

The little tiger goes Maaaaa and begins nibbling grass in a kind of embarrassed way. The big fellow is mortified, like a father coming home and finding his son with long hair; something like that. So he swats him back and forth a couple of times because the little fellow could only bleat and nibble grass. Then he takes him by the neck and carries him to a pond. There was no wind blowing; it was perfectly still.

Now the Hindus say of yoga that yoga is the art of making the mind stand still. The intentional stopping of the spontaneous activity of the mind itself. It’s as though a pond was to be made to stand still. When the wind is blowing, the waters are rippling and all these little broken reflections come and go, come and go, come and go, and that’s the way we are in our lives. We identify ourselves with one of these coming and going reflections, and we thin, Oh dear, here I come, there I go. If you make the pond stand still, then the image stands still and you see your eternal presence, and identifying with that, you’re relatively indifferent to the world.

So this little tiger is now being introduced to the principles of yoga. And the big fellow says. “Now look into that pond.” And the little one puts his face over it. And for the first time in his little life he sees his actual face. The big tiger puts his face over there, and he says, “You see! You’ve got the face of a tiger, you’re like me, Be like me!” (Now that’s guru stuff. I’ll give you my picture to wear and you’ll know who you are.)

Anyhow, the little tiger’s beginning to sort of get the message. The big fellow’s next discipline is to pick him up and take him to his den, where there are the remains of a recently slaughtered gazelle. The big fellow takes a chunk of this bloody stuff, and he says to the little one, “Open your face.”

The little one backs off. He sways, “I’m a vegetarian.”

“Well,” says the big one, “none of that nonsense.” And he shoves it down his throat. And the little one gags on it, as the text says, “As all do on true doctrine.”

So, gagging on the true doctrine, it’s nevertheless getting into his system since it is his proper food, and it activates his proper nervous system. Spontaneously moved by his proper food. he gives a little tiger roar, sort of Tiger Roar 101. Then the big guy says, “There we are. Now we’ve got it. Now we’ll eat tiger food.”

There’s a moral here, of course, It is that we’re all really tigers living here as goats. The function of sociology and most of our religious education is to teach us to be goats. But the function of the proper interpretation of mythological symbols and meditation discipline is to introduce you to your tiger face. Then comes the problem. You’ve found your tiger face but you’re still living here with these goats. How are you going to do that?

What you will have learned is through all the forms of the world, the one radiance of eternity shows itself. You can regard the appearance of the miracle of life in all these forms. But don’t let them know that you are a tiger!

When al-Hallaj or Jesus let the orthodox community know that they were tigers, they were crucified. And so the Sufis learned the lesson at that time with the death of al-Hallaj, around AD 900. And it is: You wear the outer garment of the law; you behave like everyone else. And you wear the inner garment of the mystic way. Now that’s the great secret of life.

So with that I commit you all to be tigers in the world. But don’t let anybody know it!

The secret to getting rich

The secret to getting rich is as powerful as it is unexciting: live below your means.

That’s it. The bigger the difference between what you earn and what you spend, the sooner you’ll find yourself with enough money to do what you want with your life.

Now, I realize that “live below your means” may sound obvious or trite. That doesn’t make it easy. It’s actually much harder than it sounds. Many of the people you see with big houses and fancy cars are up to their eyeballs in debt, which means they’re violating this basic principle. They aren’t rich at all. They’re in debt.

The challenge is recognizing that you can’t amass real wealth if you try to keep up with such people. Real wealth comes from spending less than you earn, again and again, month after month, year after year. It’s a slow and steady process. It isn’t particularly exciting. But it is the surest way to reach your biggest financial goals.

Practical ways to live below your means
So if the key is living below your means, does that mean holding onto your ratty old futon from college rather than buying a comfy couch? That kind of thing is certainly an option. But here are some more practical steps to could consider:

  1. Ditch your big monthly bills. Switch to a low-cost cellphone company. Or get rid of cable. Technology is allowing us to do more for less, and you can take advantage.
  2. Automate saving by transferring money out of checking and into savings at the beginning of every month. This forces you to live on less.
  3. Increase your savings rate by 1% every six months. Set a calendar reminder to help you remember. You’ll hardly notice the difference, and it will really add up over time.
  4. Put 50% of all raises towards savings. You still get to increase your lifestyle, but you do it in a sustainable way.

Redefining rich
Central to all of this is redefining what it means to be rich. If you need a huge home and an expensive car to “feel” rich, then this advice won’t work for you. But if you define affluence as the ability to spend time with friends and family, to travel, to do work you love and to stop worrying about money, then living below your means is all it takes.

Real freedom is the ability to make life choices that make you happy. Frugality puts money in your pocket so you can do just that.