considered giving your money an “Energy Treatment?”

Dearest Beloved,

As an insider group of like-minded people, we as GIN members know about energy and energy work.  We practice many different energy modalities as we move along our GIN studies (levels) but have you considered giving your money an “Energy Treatment?”  You would be surprised how effective this is.  I often give my bank accounts, investments, savings, cash flow, business accounts and all my assets “Energy Money Treatments”.  If you go back to the ancients they would use the terminology of “Blessing” their money and resources.  Just like all forms of matter, money, currency and assets get bogged down with negative energy and creates blockages.  When you have an entire world with the mindset of lack and millions of people around the world and in every form of media talking negative about the economy and money it’s easy to understand why we need to clear the energy in our money and redirect clean pure energy into it.

Once you start giving your money energy treatments you may be surprised how much money starts coming your way, new business, new clients and money showing up everywhere.  The best thing about it, giving your assets an “Energy Money Treatment” is simple and only takes moments to do.  So let me walk you through these simple steps.

  1. Get in a relaxed state of mind, once you are relaxed take a deep breath and then exhale. Now in your mind see your cash flow and start mentally and verbally sending white light around it, allow that white energy to swirl around your money, cleansing it and vibrating through it.  Watch this process in your mind’s eye until you can “feel your money pulsating” with that energy.  You will know that process was complete and successfully done when you hit this state of feeling it.  You can also use pure transparent gold light as your energy source as well.  Both work equally well.  Once you do your cash flow start on the next money item like your bank account, then savings account and all your monetary assets.  The important thing to remember is only do one item at a time. 
  2. Once you hit the feeling state, knowing and feeling your money is vibrating and pulsating with energy, end your session with gratitude and Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.  A sense of Gratitude locks the good pure energy into your money. 
  3. That’s it you are done!  You may ask how many times or how often can you give your money an “Energy Treatment?”  However many times you want and as often as you want.  After a few sessions of this you will feel the rhythm and momentum that is right for you.  You will know what the sweet spot is for you. Remember, money responds to you and what you do with it.  Most people spend money, try to save it, and work like crazy to earn it but very few know how to bath it (in energy).

At this very moment of time and space money, currency, gold, silver, property, oil, diamonds, precious jewelry and every type of wealth is pulsating to enter your life.  You just have to be aware of it, then believe it, and then just call it and like the old Michael Jackson song says “I’ll Be There”.  Someone said that “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”.  I am sure that is true, but they are the smart man’s best friend too.  I heard a lady tell another lady one time, “Never hate a man enough to give him back his diamonds!”  I think she was one smart cookie.  This should be the mantra of every GIN member on the planet…”Business Is Booming”.

See you at the top,

Johan Hendriks
Text Created by Don Boyer

Do you realize that financial abundance and cash flow is more of a “Scientific” thing

Dearest Beloved,

Do you realize that financial abundance and cash flow is more of a “Scientific” thing more than a “Mathematical” thing?  Many get the creation of money and the management of money confused by not being able to distinguish the difference.  As long as you think that wealth is a mathematical or management issue it will always stay one step ahead of you.  Like the horse chasing the carrot in front of him.  As a GIN member one big factor you are learning is to get the “Money Thing” out of the way.  Once that is done, you can really start having fun in life.  People who say money can’t make you happy never had any!  I can tell you from firsthand experience money can make you hilariously happy and the lack of it make you miserable as hell.  I had someone tell me, “Is money all you think about?” I said, “most of the time”.

So let me help you with this money game so that you can master it and get it under control.  I love what Ed Foreman always says…”Feeling Good, Having Fun”.

The path to your prosperity and changing your “experience” with money, cash flow, security, inner peace, financial satisfaction and joy is by engaging your Source Mind, Higher Mind or Theta state of mind and disengaging your human, fear based, limited, little thinking mind better known as the Beta state.  The beta state is where the motor runs without turning off trying to “Figure Out the How”.  That is like being in a round room trying to find a corner to sit down in.  The best way to lose your marbles is trying to figure out how you are going to get rich, increase your business, find more clients, and make more money.  That little mass of matter in our skull called our brain that contains our mind, gets stuck in the beta mindset and does not have the ability or capability to figure out the how because it was never designed to do that job.  The beta state produces about 1% of our results but most people spend 99.9 percent of their time there.

Any way you slice it that is a poor ROI (return on investment).  If you want to know where the treasure is, the bank vault, the money machine, the endless supply or riches the answer is in the creative state of theta.  Learn a very simple 6 step process of going to the theta state that my good friend and GIN member Asara Lovejoy teaches and it will bring a “money ball” barreling down your way so fast it will blow a hole in your shorts.  This is what Napoleon Hill was referring to when he wrote, “When riches come, they come so fast and in such abundance you will wonder where they been hiding all this time”.

As long as you try to create money and success from the beta state you will worry and fret and have many sleepless nights.  But practice what you are learning in your GINlevels and you will find out how to create from the theta state.  My good friend Bob Proctor from the hit movie the Secret told me, It’s all about lifestyle, you ride in front of the plane and back of the car.  You are a GIN member and wealth is your birthright, so make lots of money so you can do lots of good for other people.

You can Do it!,

Jojan Hendriks
Text Created by Don Boyer

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Inspect What You Expect

Dearest Beloved,

I learned a long time ago a very powerful technique that has helped me for many years and that is “Inspect What You Expect”.  I apply this technique both to my professional and personal life.  The best way to stay on point and on the fast track of success is inspect, and evaluate our internal as well as our outward lives.  There are many a failure virus out there that destroyed many good careers, opportunities and vast future fortunes.  One such failure virus is “Laziness”.  Laziness is such a deadly cancer to success and achievement that we must never allow our life to have a pinch of it.  Here is the interesting thing about laziness, laziness is not the lack of activity, it’s the intention and mindset to do as little as possible without it being noticed.  You can spot laziness in a person instantly.  You see it in their eyes, feel it in their energy, observe it in their actions, hear it in their speech.  Here is what I have found to be true over the past 30 years of being a student of life and success, “A Lazy Person Is A Dangerous Person”.  The reason being is a lazy person is many times extremely deceptive.  They will be experts on making excuses why things did not get done and a master on shifting the blame on other people.

I have had several of my children work in our companies over the years and the moment I sensed they got infected with the virus of laziness because Dad owns the company, and could not rid their system of it I handed them their last pay check.  I would tell them, “I will always take care of you as my son, but I am firing you as my employee today”.  The good news is, by holding that line, our adult children are excellent hard workers and do a good job for us when they come work with us.   Look at laziness and treat it as your worst enemy, know that it will destroy your dreams, kill your goals, ruin your reputation, destroy your favor and create more misery than it’s worth.  Lazy people have big dreams with little results.  This is why we say in GIN“Results Always Tell The Truth”.

Reliability and Dependability are two golden keys that unlock the treasures of life into our experience and laziness does not have those two traits running in its fiber of makeup.  If you want to rise to the top you must use the fantastic concept Troy brought out at Family Reunion, “FILO”  first in, last out.  I love that.   Instead of laziness use ambition and initiative  as your branding card. If you look at some of the greatest hero’s of all time, they understood the law of honor.

The law of honor states, “Never ask the King to do something for you, rather ask “Is there anything I can do for you?”  This is the path that causes the King to unlock the treasures of his kingdom to you.  Servant hood is not the path to slavery but the doorway of Kingship/Queen ship.  What took a young boy named Joseph from the prison to the palace?  From object poverty to unlimited wealth?  The law of honoring the Pharaoh.

For those of you who had the good fortune at Family Reunion to meet and to watch Zan and Nancy Allen, Dan Stather, Kevin Moore, Sa Ra, Jason Irvine, Ron Williams and Linda Newman you seen an excellent example of this success principle in action.  They have been and trained with me for years and they are the epitome of sound character, and could walk into any million dollar company and take over as CEO.  I lost my phone at Family Reunion, and within seconds of realizing that Zan Allen jumped up from the lunch table and was gone.  Less than 10 minutes later he came walking back to the table with it in his hand.  Before I could ask him to go look for it he was already in flight.

How do we know if we have the seed of laziness in us?  If we have to be asked to do something before we do it, that deadly germ is floating around looking to take root in our life.  I made a $1000.00 mistake for my early Mentor because of my ambition, but he laughed hard and said, that was the best grand he ever spent!  He taught me a boss will only get upset at a thousand dollar mistakes if they are a byproduct of laziness but will praise and promote you if the mistake was a byproduct of ambition and initiative.

Be bold, be active, live on the edge and make it happen.

Jojan Hendriks
Text Created by Don Boyer

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The higher dimensional law of “Association Transfer”

Dearest Beloved,

What an exciting, powerful, electrifying “Live GIN” call we had last night!  We had over 60 GIN members on the call, all sharing their energy to raise the vibration of the entire GIN family.  The day will soon come when our calls will reach the 200 mark, then 500 mark and then the 1000 plus mark.  This is already done as Bob Shontz would say.  On last night’s call I shared the higher dimensional law of “Association Transfer”  and by being in the mere presence of those who have what you want, that energy is transported in our DNA.  It’s an energetic principle that few understand but as old as creation itself.  Do your due diligence of ancient writings and you will see that they all practiced this dynamic Universal principle to achieve massive success.

Today I want us to focus on the importance of harmony and be aware of the destructive force of “Division”.  Once again the ancient writings instruction us with this admonition; “A house divided against itself cannot stand”.  On the other side those writings teach that a house that is in unity and harmony cannot be stopped.  As I look back over my 30 year career in business I realize that the times I had massive failure in business was when I trusted, believed in and hired those who brought division into my company.  Division in a company, organization, or family is a cancer that kills.  Again learning from the ancients who tell us to “cast out those who bring in division and discord”.   Harmony and unity does not mean we agree on everything.  It simply means we can disagree without being disagreeable.  A true servant will yield his/her point of view for the betterment of the entire unit.  A wise King once had a decision to make when two mothers claimed ownership of one child.  The King said let’s cut the child in two and give each mother half.  The false mother agreed to these terms, but the real mother cried no, give the whole child to her.  The King knew instantly who the real mother of the child was.

My mother gave me some wisdom when I was but a child that has proved so true all my adult life.  She said, “Give people enough rope and they will hang themselves”.   One massive rule I keep in my companies now is the first sign of rebellion or discord from a employee, partner, vendor or even customer and their ass is out!  Please understand,  there is a big difference from disagreement and discord or division.  I am 100% open for all to disagree with my views or ways, I respect and honor that.  And I would never separate myself just because someone does not see things my way.  Division on the other hand is when someone is not willing to meet in the middle or set on bringing destruction just because they do not see things the way the other person does.

As GIN members it’s important that we all honor each other, and strive towards unity and harmony.  Instantly destroy any seed of division that may try to pop up in your heart or life.  Right now GIN is in a great “Growth Phase” and its time our Level VI members step up to the plate of leadership.  We had as a family and organization over a year of down or rest time, that time is now over.  It’s time to raise the bar.  Level V and VI members are like Navy Seals.  It’s real time now, no more sleeping.  GIN is calling on all of you for your leadership role, to set the example and raise the bar for others.  The new people who are joining GIN are a brand new breed, they are going to be “Ultimate, High Level” GIN members who take a mighty stance in this family to do great things.  Our new GIN members are a brand new breed of members unlike anything we have seen in the past.

They are more profound and powerful because we as a family and organization are more profound and powerful than we ever been.  This is a brand new GIN that is stronger, more powerful while retaining our core values of its inception.  GIN is now moving into its full potential globally that KT first envisioned in its beginning.  2016 will be the year GIN breaks out into global recognition and growth expansion.  What this means is that you as a faithful GIN member will reach heights of prosperity and success that will even blow your mind.  Talk about needing a new pair of underwear because your old ones got blown off!

Let’s join together and lets go out and Grow GIN!

Johan Hendriks
Text Created by Don Boyer

High Vibrational Call Today!

Dearest Beloved,

If you increase your study time in your GIN materials and levels you will increase the amount of success and prosperity in your life experience.  The masses use hard work as a tool and effort to create more income and a higher rate of success but that is the hard way which produces very little results.  A much better way is to increase your awareness, vibration, frequency, and knowledge which in turn increases the things you want in your life.  This is why I love the “Value Principle”  If you have never heard this term before it simply means your ability to put value on something or someone.  Once you put the Value Principle into play it activates a certain brain wave and vibration that causes it to act like a “Juice Extractor”.  For instance, I put a high value on GIN therefore I squeeze every ounce of GIN juice from my level, back office, relationships and passion so that at the end of the day my GIN Jug is full and over flowing.  To the intensity of your value principle is the amount of juice you extract.  If you put no value on your level or GIN  materials you simply will not carve out the time to study and your GIN tank will be as dry as dust.  The people who went to Family Reunion went for no other reason than they put a High Value on being there.

The best way to value your dreams is to value the tool that will bring them to pass.  Your GIN membership is the tool to make your dreams come true.  If you want to know the value of GIN understand that our active, engaged, members have the results as proof of what they believe.

This is why I practice the “Value Principle” everyday.  Value your dreams, your health, your relationships, your membership, your levels and you will extract every ounce of juice from them and will find “Your Cup Runs Over”.

Get Excited and Join Us Tonight for Our “Live GIN” call where we learn, grow and share as a family.  It will be a call that will set you up for success for the upcoming week. 

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Greatest scientific breakthroughs in the 21st Century is………

Dearest Beloved,

Perhaps one of the greatest scientific breakthroughs in the 21st Century is that we are “Changeable” in our molecular structure, our cells and DNA.  What that means is that we have the power and ability to control all things that happen to us in life and body.  We have the ability to activate health, prosperity, favor and abundance in our cells.  For centuries man has been searching for these things, the good life without when it’s been within all along.  The best book and audio teaching on this subject I have ever come across is by Asara Lovejoy author of “The One Command” and audio program produced by Nightingale-Conant called “The Theta Code”.  If you do not have these resources at your disposal I highly recommend you drop everything you are doing and order them today.  They are 100% in alignment with GIN and Asara herself is a GINmember who attended Family Reunion with us.  When you get your GIN materials within you, everyday something good and “Spectacular” shows up.  And yes because we live here on earth some days are going to be riddled with challenges or situations but the good news is, they always work out for our good and we can feel good going through the process.

We have been given a great power and that power is the “Power of Choice”.  Our results in life are based on the choices we make every single day.  I was having lunch with 3 powerful level VI GIN members yesterday and we were discussing Family Reunion.  We all agreed that every GIN member had two choices;

  1. A real reason why we could not go to Family Reunion
  2. A real reason why we could go to Family Reunion

All of us had the choice to pick one of these two options, those who chose to go to Family Reunion simply chose that option and rejected the option not to go.  What I have found over the past 30 years in the self -help industry is that those who exercise the power of choice towards those things and activities that gives them what they need and want are the ones who win at life.  As a GIN member the fact remains that we are able to do anything.  We are unstoppable and have the power of creation within us to Be, Do and Have everything we desire.  It all goes back down to mastering the basics.  All limitations are self- imposed and our GIN studies and levels teach us how to break and dissolve those limitations in our life.  As I was discussing this subject with Level VI member Jojan and the fact that as GIN members there is no reason for us to suffer or fail, he made a statement that hit home.  He said, ‘not all level VI members are level VI members”.   You see, GIN and our levels is not a position or a pin, it’s an energy movement that operates in our life if we allow it to.  We activate that power as we study our GIN materials every day.  Having GIN within you to the degree that it leaks out of you is what makes you a GIN member.

Every day on Facebook you read how people who have read all the success books are still struggling and not getting what they truly want.  If they could only see that what they are missing is GIN.  Everything you want or need to succeed beyond your wildest dreams is found in GIN.  Understand this and you will have access to the Treasures of the Universe.

Much Love, Joy and Happiness,

Jojan Hendriks
Text Created by Don Boyer


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The Phenomena of The World’s

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If “Chicken Soup of the Soul” can sell 500 million books of a book of inspirational stories of non GIN members, just imagine what “GIN-OLOGY” a book of transformational stories could do to change the world?

This will be the tool that does the recruiting for you to grow your GIN Team.

Each chapter will be from a GIN member sharing their experience and story about this powerful mastermind club.

Facts tell but stories tell.  We are all dedicated GIN members because we are sold on GIN.

Each chapter will be done by filling out a simple three question form that will be professionally formatted  into a dynamic chapter by our professional editors.

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The book will be published in both printed and e-book versions.  As a publisher we pay for all cost of publishing book and each co-author will be given the e-book version to sell and market and /or give away and be given five printed books.  Additional books can be purchased at cost for $4.97 per book (books will retail in stores for $19.95).

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Your love, acceptance, understanding, and compassion for others must be unconditional and without exception.

Since I was incarcerated I have watched (with amusement) the different ways people have reacted and interacted with me. Almost everyone (90%) did everything they could to support me, make sure I was ok, and make sure I know they are standing by me no matter what. However a small number of people acted differently. Some simply vanished. They are the people full of fear. They are afraid to be known to have associated with me, and do not want to be known to be associating with me now that I am incarcerated.

They have not communicated with me in any way. No cards/letters (think of Peter, 3 times denying he knew Jesus when the heat was on!). These people had only good things to say about me when everything was “going great”, but now, have only bad, negative things to say about me (some are actually gloating that I am incarcerated). Another small group of people did in fact communicate with me since I have been incarcerated. They sent a letter or 2. But the communication was something like this…. “KT, what am I supposed to do now that you are incarcerated? or KT, you need to help me, or KT you need to send me some money, or KT you need to look at my business and help me get it off the ground, or KT I cannot believe you let yourself get incarcerated, don’t you know how that negatively affects my life, or KT I need you to do this or do that for me….” These people are only concerned about their life, and have no interest in how I am doing. Then there is a small group that seem to have a mission to be my “angels”.

They send positive uplifting cards/letters/emails regularly, some almost weekly. They ask how am I doing, and if they can do anything for me. They are supportive, loving, kind, thoughtful, encouraging, upbeat. They do everything they can to make me feel good, and encourage me. Their words are positive and enthusiastic. They talk about the wonderful future and the fun exciting times that we will have together when I get out. They have sent money to my commissary account without being asked… They have been true “angels”. Then there are also people that I have not talked to in years who have come out of the wood work and have come to visit, sent money to my commissary account without me asking, sent me books, cards, letters and done many little things that show their unconditional support. In all of this, it is clear who is unconditionally loving and supportive, who gives only conditional love and support, and those who only want from me what they can get from me, and have no interest in “giving” to me in any form.

Does the term fair weather friends come to mind? Here is the point. If you were in my place, would you feel some people “stabbed in you in the back”, or betrayed you, or let you down? Think about that. Have you ever felt betrayed in your life, or felt let down by someone, or felt that someone stabbed in you in the back, or kicked you when you were down, or did the “I told you so”? I am sure we all have felt that way at least once in our life. Here is a better question..Have YOU ever betrayed someone, or stabbed them in the back, or let someone down, or kicked someone when they were down, or did the “I told you so” to someone? I am sure we all would have to admit yes. Here is the message. The “sage” is kind to those who are kind to him, and kind to those who are unkind to him, because kindness is his nature. The magic happens in your life when you do not judge, criticize or condemn others for what they do or do not do or say or do not say (we have all done the same things at one time or another).

Your love, acceptance, understanding, and compassion for others must be unconditional and without exception. When you can do this, when you can be unaffected by others actions, you are a master of your thoughts, thus your point of focus, thus your emotions, thus your vibrations, thus your experience in life and what you manifest. To everyone, no matter what they have done or not done, said or not said, I send only love and positive thoughts. I love them all equally. We all act only as we are able, at the time. So, be forgiving and understanding. Let it all go. Hold no grudges. Do not condemn them. Do not gossip about them. You cannot control other’s actions, but you can control your reaction and how you feel about those actions. React always with love, compassion, forgiveness, and understanding (as you would want others to treat you). See their actions as a cry for love, and then give them love. Be thankful for all these people who give you an opportunity to send love to those who need it most.

With humility, KT