Many people still do I know which group to join

Many people still do I know which group to join, teachings to embrace, or person I should trust, believe in, and/or follow? First, you can never be wrong. No matter what you do or choose, you will simply create something that allows you to define more clearly what you do want, and you can then create that.

Take life lightly. Care, but not that much! When you are READY, you will attract into your experience, and you can and will “see and feel” the Truth in a “teaching” and/or the “power” of a “teacher”. When you are not ready,(too caught up in intellect/mind/thoughts/ego instead of heart “feelings”) you MIGHT not see/feel Truth or the power that is being made available to you! If a thief met a true “saint”, all he would see is what he could steal from him/her! He would never be aware that he was in the presence of a “saint” and his life COULD be transformed forever! Even though being in the “saint’s” presence would/could be transformative, he would have no awareness of his own transformation. Thus he would reap no benefits.

If a poor man on a remote island was given 1 million Euros, he might have no awareness of what Euros or money is and the value of what he was given. He might burn it for heat! He might take the “money/cash Euros” and use it to make a roof so he would not get wet! One must be ready and have awareness of the value of what one is receiving to truly benefit. Many of you have been given more gifts than you realize. You have everything! It is just your lack of understanding this Truth that is holding you back from making all your dreams come true and being more joyous and blissful than you could ever imagine.

The books, the audios, the training, the Science of Personal Mastery Course, the events/meetings/seminars/webinars etc, all are designed, among other things, to increase your awareness of what is already inside you, yet dormant, and awaken it! The “energy” in all the training, not the intellectual knowledge, activates your dormant power and awareness. Without the “energy”, the training is just interesting intellectually, but lacks the true power to transform. With intellectual knowledge you just “know about” things, but you do not truly personally experience them, so you never really KNOW.

Most of us have no awareness of what needs to be transformed within us, or what we are “wrong” about. When you come into contact with the true “energy” (pure love), you are transformed in the way you need, but might not expect. You are never the same. Based on your own awareness level, you will be able to “feel/know” what “training etc” is right for you. There are a few things to consider when choosing who/what to embrace, but always follow your feelings and what you FEEL is right. You cannot make a mistake anyway, so do not worry! Life is a journey with many detours, just have fun and enjoy your adventure!

Questions you might ask or things to look for in people “training”. These are some indicators that a person is not fully “plugged in” to Source and not coming from LOVE. These are indicators that the person is still caught up in mind/thought/intellect/ego and their training lacks the power to transform:

  • Do they show a lack of appreciation
  • Are they still reading books or do they believe they don’t need to, because they know it already…a low teach ability index (the Dalai Lama reads everyday and says he learns something new everyday!)
  • Do they operate/think/talk/act out of fear, lack, worry, anxiety, concern etc
  • Do they speak condescendingly and show conceit
  • Are they critical/judging/condemning and find the imperfections in things and people
  • They believe in absolutes, and THEIR understanding of right and wrong, good and bad are the ONLY correct viewpoints.
  • Are very concerned with how others view, think and talk about them
  • Very concerned about how others live their lives, and without being asked, are obsessed with trying to “change/fix” others to THEIR “correct” way of living/beliefs
  • Attached to the body and to material things
  • Need for prestige, status, acceptance, power, control over others and all conditions around them,
  • Revengeful, unforgiving, arrogant
  • Fear of losing what they have
  • Concerned with what they have and what is “theirs”
  • Focuses on analyzing, intellectualizing, over thinking, instead of following their feelings
  • Afraid of making a mistake and being wrong
  • Must make others wrong and themselves right
  • Self righteous

And the list can go on. You see, all of the above is fear based, not love based. When a person is acting from an abundance of fear (they might have lots of love too, but enough fear to show itself), they are really acting from lack of personal experience and knowingness. Fear is always based on this ignorance. Love them as they know not what they do. Makes sense now?

Look at yourself and do a little self analysis with the above list. I am sure there are things you can improve on. Be happy right now as no matter where you are, you are perfect. If you choose to be in more of a state of love than fear, then go for that, but remember, you are still perfect right now the way you are. (hard concept to understand)

Not that anyone is perfect, no one is, that is still in a body! AND you CAN, and are encouraged to learn from everyone! AND many of these people who show many of the above traits are very well intentioned and might have great information. The truly life changing experiences YOU will have that will help unleash YOUR unlimited dormant power however, will ONLY come from those who are the opposite of the above. Simply take each characteristic above and think of what the opposite is. If you find a person with THOSE traits (or close as no one is perfect!), you might be on to the real deal. The ultimate test is how you FEEL about the person/group and what EXPERIENCE you get from that person/group. And, look at yourself too! Love, not fear (lack of love) is where the power comes from….
…until next time…you are loved..
Kevin Trudeau

Most of you remember the hit movie “Terminator”

Most of you remember the hit movie “Terminator” well, in order for you to attain “Massive Success” (whatever that means to you) you have to become the “Eliminator” and star in the greatest movie of all time known as your own personal life journey here on earth.  As the “Eliminator” you go about eliminating the following things from your life…

  1. Fear:  Fear is the number one thing you must eliminate from your life.  Fear in every form cannot be tolerated not even for one second in your life.  Fear is a cancer that will destroy your dreams, ambush your ambition, deplete your energy, conquer your courage and deactivate your actions.  You must starve your fear and feed your faith.  Fear has a ferocious appetite and will consume every bit of energy you throw at it.  Faith on the other hand has a gentle appetite and many times must be forced feed.
  1. Procrastination:  Procrastination neutralizes your Potential.  You will put your gifts into sleep mode if you are addicted to putting things off, waiting for the perfect time or just plain given to laziness.  Procrastination is “Anti-Prosperity”.  Procrastination is the highest cost product on the market today.  It has robbed society trillions of dollars in lost business and missed opportunities.  Ask yourself, “How many fortunes have I lost due to procrastination?”  For most including myself it’s been many.  Procrastination is not a friend but a foe and must be treated as such.  If you want prosperity in your life you must eliminate procrastination.
  1. Blame:  Anytime we blame anyone or anything we are giving away our power.  Power comes from 100% responsibility, power is lost through the venue of blame.  You are the controller of your life and circumstances.  Yea Don, but  that person sold me “Snake Oil”.  Unless they put a gun to your head, you chose to take money out of your pocket and put it into theirs.  I have bought my share of “Snake Oil”  in the past and every time it was due because I let my head do the shopping instead of my “spirit” do the shopping.   Eliminate all blame from your life!

If you go about and continue to eliminate what is not working in your life or adding value to it, and continue to do the things that do add value to your life like enhancing your GIN experience by dedicated study and sharing it with others you will find that you created a Winning Life.  As Ed Foreman taught me, Life is for laughing, loving and having fun, not for whining, worrying and working.

Much Love & Light,

Jojan Hendriks & Jeonghae Han
Text Created by Don Boyer

Do you realize that you have a “Money Machine” inside you?

Dear Beloved Family,

Do you realize that you have a “Money Machine” inside you?  It’s true, we all have that same monetary apparatus; the only issues is up to 97% of most people do not know they have it let alone use it.  That “Money Machine Apparatus” is made up of your thoughts, feelings and imagination.  Underline this in yellow and remember it well “Money Thoughts Turn Into Money Form”.  In order for your Money Machine Apparatus to produce said results it needs three elements;

  1. Emotions-Feelings
  2. Faith-Belief
  3. Persistence

I gave my youngest GIN member Marcus B. a money exercise to practice and  you can use it as well.  I had him write down on a white index card, (blue ink) a certain monthly income amount he wanted.  Now every morning you take that card, close your eyes and just “Think” about that amount of money. Over and over just say that amount of money.  What you are doing is locating and matching the vibration of that amount and the moment you match and continue to match the vibration of that amount of money, by law of the Universe it shows up in your life.  You do this exercise first thing in the morning, (the time will varying from 5 to 20 minutes) and again the last thing before you go to sleep.

You don’t worry how the money is going to show up, or what service you are going to render for the money, your only objective is for you to vibrate and match that amount and you do that my simply “Thinking About That Amount of Money”.  This is a very easy and simple (in my personal experience and opinion) exercise to practice that produces powerful results.  As you practice this method your emotions and feelings get activated, your faith and belief begin to operate and then you get the opportunity to practice “Persistence”.  This is using your Money Machine Apparatus the proper way for superior results.  People all over the world look for money without (that is why they lack it) when all the time “Money is Within” (us).

My Millionaire Mentor was “Anti-Selling”.  He said, “If you stop trying to sell products and services, and instead simply make them available, you will be providing the best service you can for the right market and that in turn will make you financially wealthy”.  Do you have to sell water to person dying of thirst, food to one who is hungry, gas to one who’s car is empty?  Have you ever driven by a hospital or doctors office that had a big red sign that read:

Sale-50% Off All Services and Medications-Today Only?

 Of course not yet billions of dollars are spent every year on those items, why?  Because those who purchase them need and/or want them.

Our GIN studies teach us how to turn “Thoughts into Things”.  Money thoughts become Money Form.  Need more money?  You have the music in you, you own the money machine, fire it up and grow rich!  The book is…”Think and Grow Rich” not work hard and grow rich.

Much Love & Light,

Jojan Hendriks & Jeonghae Han
Text Created by Don Boyer

Shine and Vibrate

Dear GIN Family,

When people from the outside look on the inside of GIN they may not know what they are seeing but the know without a doubt they are seeing something!  That something is the Light, and the Energy that is residing inside of you.  As you are a GIN member you truly are the light of the world.  You know, I have the good fortune to work with some of the top international leaders in the self help industry and many of them are doing good work, however one of the many reasons I am so passionate about GIN is I have never seen the light in anyone like I have seen it in GIN members!  As you grow in GIN you will start seeing a distinct energy and light difference between GIN members and none GIN members.  I am not saying or implying in any way that we as GIN members are better than other people, I am just saying we “Shine and Vibrate”differently. This is not an Ego statement but a Energy Statement.

As a GIN member you pulsate, vibrate, and emit pure authentic very powerful “White Light” of God energy and that is the way we were created to be and live on this planet.  Getting GIN in you gives your gifts, your talents and abilities the “Superior Edge” that allows you to serve mankind for its highest good and separates you from everyone else.  We will bring people into GIN not by what we say…But By How We Live!  Results Always Tell The Truth.

 We had a very powerful GIN call last night, I am not sure how many were on but it was in the hundreds I am sure.  We had dings 30 minutes into the call.  For me that was music to my ears.  Hey, any person should feel honored with dings, those dings mean that people feel you have something important enough to say to show up.  Blaine and Troy did an outstanding job and I am proud to call them my leaders.  Why I love our GIN leaders is because they are infused with Energy not infused with Ego.  I am honored and truly humbled to be one of your keynote speakers at Family Reunion but before  I am a speaker I am first and foremost your brother and a true GIN member.  Melinda and I come to Family Reunion to share our gift and to serve each and everyone you.  If you have not signed up for family reunion please watch this video

We have a real opportunity to help us bring more people into GIN and help those who want to go Platinum with our GIN overview call tonight with Blaine Athorn.  Nobody does a better job in presenting GIN than Blaine.  The call will give people a taste of GIN and an opportunity to join us.  At the bottom of this email are all the call details for tonight.  Make sure you attend this call.

As promised on Face book I will tell you Melinda’s story of hitting the Bingo $2500.00 Jackpot on Sunday.  Melinda had went to New Mexico for a few days on business while I stood home and took care of the fort. On Sunday, she went to go play bingo with her dad.  She called me up very calm on Sunday and said I just won $2500.00.  Now that was a real change because on most trips she spends $2500.00…mostly on shoes!   Yesterday when she flew home she told me what happened.  Right before she left we were both listing to a level lll audio where KT was talking about when he was playing pool with Mike Sigel the pool champion and discovered it was a certain vibration that was being employed by Mike that was behind his pool success.  When Melinda was at bingo she said, I am going to use this same vibration skill and let’s see what happens.  What happened was she won back to back jack pot’s that came to $2500.00.  They told her they never seen anyone win back to back like that in one day.

You see what many would term luck is nothing more than vibration at a certain level.  What Melinda did was vibrate on purpose that created what the world calls luck!  Vibration is the “Wealth Capital” of the Universe, learn, understand and practice that and you will never have to worry about money again.  Remember GIN does not need people…People need GIN!

Much Love & Light,

Jojan Hendriks & Jeonghae Han
Text Created by Don Boyer, Thank You!

The Morning News… You decide and dictate what that will be

Dearest Beloved,

The Morning News…  You decide and dictate what that will be.  I turn on the morning news every morning which is a GIN audio or webinar.  I read the daily news which consist of GIN books like the Law of Success by Napoleon Hill, all the books on the GIN list and others that teach sound principles.  This is the Morning Daily News I choose to read.

Then at the end of the night I turn on the Nightly News which is more GIN materials and close the evening reading the Nightly News which is a GIN book.  We create our environment and our circumstances based on the information we consume on a daily basis.  Your Morning and Evening News should consist of drenching your mind of the truth that you are getting better and better every day, prosperity is increasing in your life, financial satisfaction resides in you, your body is in perfect shape and health.  Your energy is vibrant and alive, every cell, bone, sinew, tissue, organ is operating at full healthy capacity.  When we first wake up and when we are ready to retire at night that is when we are the most receptive to get information on the inside of us where it does the most good (or damage if its negative information).  Why do you think the controllers of the world put on horrible news first thing in the morning and the last thing at night?

This is not just a random act of air time folks, it’s a purposeful system of putting negative things in your subconscious.  Your Morning and Evening News can consist of the economy going to Hell or it can be Your Personal Economy has never been better…You get to choose.  You might be thinking, “I might miss something globally important if I don’t watch the news.  Trust me, if something happens that you need to know about someone is going to tell you.  97% of people of a civilized world are addicted to the news of disaster.

What another secret (or a few of them) that I was taught that comes from the “Wisdom Treasure Chest” of my Millionaire Mentor from long ago?

  1. We are created to rule, master and be in control of our lives on this earth so that we can be a contributor instead of a taker  and be a blessing to all mankind.  We are created to Be, Do and Have all things we desire, and we have the built in tools to make that happen.
  1. We are in this world but not of this world.  We are designed to live on a higher plane than what the majority of mankind lives in.  Living our lives by the physical realm instead of the “inspirational” realm is where all pain, suffering and disaster comes from.
  1. Utilize your gifts.  Only by using your gifts and giving them back to the world can we live, move and operate in our highest form of power, strength and ability.  The more you give, the more power you get and have access to and the more stuff, enjoyment, wealth, and health you get too.
  1. Every dream, desire and full fulfillment in life is brought into our lives through feeling fantastic, our thinking and vibrations.

I think you better print this email out and put into your Sip of GIN note book!

Make sure you get on tonight’s GIN call it will be fantastic!  Details below.


Jojan Hendriks & Jeonghae Han
Created by Don Doyer

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The GIN energy and harmony will integrate next Tuesday and Wednesday as we have two very special GIN calls.

First, on Tuesday, September 8th, join hosts Blaine Athorn and Troy McClain as they set the stage for your ’15 Family Reunion event at Rosen Shingle Creek in Orlando, Florida. Your long-time GIN Family Members will be there, of course; but we will also have an opportunity to align with some new Members of the Family!  Dial in on Tuesday’s call to meet two very special guests. Taking the GIN stage for the first time at Family Reunion, co-author of The Secret James Arthur Ray will give you a sneak peek of the ways in which The Universal Law of Attraction has lead him to endless opportunities and global success. Platinum Member, motivational movie producer and author Don Boyer will share the simplest way to get the GIN inside of YOU and your loved ones. Learn the magic formula to be, do, and have everything that you have ever imagined. As we learn from James Arthur Ray that 60% of the word “attraction” is action, Don Boyer will inspire us to turn activity into accomplishment.

Do you have friends who are thinking about joining GIN who need an extra boost? Is one of your family members envious of your international friends and travel opportunities? On Wednesday, September 9th, invite all of your friends and colleagues to learn about the meaning of your success club called GIN, as Blaine Athorn hosts this Membership Overview Call.  The call will raise our vibrations and demonstrate the ways in which our relationships are our riches. Invite all of your loved ones to join us on Wednesdayfor this perfect opportunity to “Share GIN” with anyone who may be interested in our amazing club. Expand your goals, dreams, desires and Share GIN with more people. This call will provide existing Affiliates, Members, and your prospects with an overview of GIN that will outline the value of joining now.

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I Am Energy – I Am Powerful

Dearest beloved,

Say this three times “I Am Energy” “I Am Powerful” “I AM Magnificent” 

Now say it one more time but this time put enthusiasm, excitement and gusto into it… “I AM Energy”  “I AM Powerful”  “I AM Magnificent!”

You have now just engaged and set into motion one of the highest rates of positive vibrations because of you have spoken (released energy) and made a decree (released intention) of absolute authentic, pure unadulterated truth.  As you made those affirmations and statements it resonated in every cell of your body and coursed life through your entire circulatory system and every brain cell.  Even your bone morrow got a positive jolt and life force when you said that.  Now the key is to continually say that throughout the day, every day until that becomes a continuous language and song that plays non-stop in your subconscious.

This is how you want to start off every morning when you first open your eyes.  It won’t be long before you start feeling “GIN-Tastic” (fantastic at its highest  form) and you will feel you are Energy, Powerful and Magnificent.  It is secrets like these that you learn in GIN that makes life work for us.  Remember, a secret is not something you don’t know, its knowledge you don’t use.  It is important for you to realize what is actually happening and the forces you put into play as you speak these words, because the more you are aware of what is at play the more you will absorb the benefits from it.

We had a fantastic “Live GIN Call”  once again last night and we want to thank everyone who attended.  A special shout out to Jim Dilyard, Rebecca Keys, Marc Baxter, Jojan Hendricks, Bob Shontz and Melinda Boyer for their words of wisdom and knowledge and sharing it with us on the call.  One thing I shared on the call last night is that “Life Is Fantastic”….all the time.  You see, life does not have baggage, hang ups or blockages, life is perfect, flawless, pure, authentic, health, abundance and prosperity.  Life does not have those things, Life Is Those Things! 

It is us as humans that have the baggage, hang ups and blocks and our GIN materials and levels gives us the tools to get rid of all that negative bondage we accumulated over a lifetime.  No matter what is going on presently in your circumstances always tell everyone and say “Life is Fantastic, it’s Terrific” and not only will you be speaking Authentic Truth, you will be activating laws that will make that a reality in your life.

Summer is ending, we are moving into the fall of 2015 and now is the time, today to make the decree “I Am Energy”  “I Am Powerful”  “I Am Magnificent” and then believe it!

Be sure to be on our “Live GIN Call” tonight, here are the details:
Sunday: 5:00 pm Pacific Standard Time-8:00 pm Eastern Time
Call in Number: 562-304-9820 (no pin required)

Much Love & Light,

Jojan Hendriks
Text Created by Don Boyer

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Whenever we hear the phrase “I Give Up”

Whenever we hear the phrase “I Give Up” most train of thoughts attach a negative perspective on it, however this is exactly what we must do if we are struggling to manifest our desires.  Trying too hard to make something happen is what keeps the things we desire from coming forth in the physical realm.  Forcing things is the opposite of releasing things.  You have heard many times the saying “Let GO and Let GOD”.  Trying to force something to happen is what stops the creative process from happening.  Using the “Iron Will” approach may create temporary achievement of something but it can never sustain it and will many times start the chain of physical disease in the body.  When we struggle and force things to happen we literally push ourselves to exhaustion.

This is not the way life is designed to work.  We get what we want by understanding the flow of energy, the power of thoughts, the intention of our vibrations and expression of our faith that transmutes into peace and harmony with Zero Stress.   Most of the time stress is nothing more than a ingrained and trained habit we have developed.  One of my personal and high priorities in my life is to operate daily in peace and harmony no matter how busy my day gets.  Because operating in peace or stress is a choice and habit we have the power to live in peace and harmony if we want to.  What I have found to be true is that the more one gets GIN on the inside of them the more power they have to live a Stress Free.  Here are three keys to help you live a dynamic GIN life:

  1. Acceptance  Accept your greatness, your power, your inner stretch, unlimited creativity, your gifts, talents, skills and abilities.  Accept the fact that your dreams can and will come true and the truth is “You are Magnificent”.  Acceptance of these things will help you live dynamically.
  1. Investment Our dreams are going to cost us two things we love; time and money but realize that you are so worth it!  I ask people many times “How much are your dreams worth?”  I can tell you dreams are priceless and as a GIN member  your eyes are open to the value of your dreams.  Our monthly membership is such a small price to reach such big dreams.  We are so proud of each and every one of you that keep your membership in good standing each month.  You are a true GIN member.
  1. Release Let go and release struggle, frustration, disappointment, pent up anger and “trying” to make things happen by force.  Nothing is worth robbing you of peace.  Your main priority is to feel good now, enjoy peace and happiness as you go about changing things that are not working in your life.  Release all the things that are causing you misery and that includes physical disease.  Just let it go, speak to the disease and say “I release you from my body, mind and soul and I let you go”  Now be at peace and be thankful that you are healthy and strong.

Life is what we create it to be, however that being true that does not guarantee that we always understand everything in life.  We simply embrace life and live it to the tilt and practicing these three keys will help you do exactly that.  This is the power of getting GIN on the inside of you!

Don Doyer

If you have the ability and habit of “duplicating”

If you have the ability and habit of “duplicating” (repeating exactly) what you see, hear and experience through all your senses, then you have mastered your ego/mind. This means you will be much happier and have more inner peace, and you will be able to manifest what you desire fast and easily.

What is “duplication”? It is repeating exactly without changing or adding or deleting anything. Here is an example. 10 people were standing waiting for a bus and witnessed a car accident. They each described what they “saw” to the police. Each gave a slightly different description of what they saw. They each either added things that did not happen, failed to mention key facts that occurred, or changed what actually happened.
This is what most people do almost all the time. You either add things, delete things, or change things. This phenomenon takes place because of the mind/ego.

Most people cannot duplicate exactly what they experienced through the senses. Our egos/minds are so big and full of “stuff” that we add the reflection of our own thoughts into what we experience.
If you can witness/experience something, and duplicate it exactly, you have control over your life. This is being taught in the Science of Personal Mastery Course, which you get free when you donate to the Kevin Trudeau Nuggets of Gold Newsletter offered by the Kevin Trudeau Legal Defense Fund. All proceeds go to pay the past due legal bills and the bills that are continuing to come in.

This is a monthly Course you receive via email. It is designed to release all that is holding you back from living your dream life and having inner peace/bliss. It will help you be in complete control of your emotions, as well as being able to manifest into your life whatever wants/wishes/desires you have. It is the ultimate “total success in life” course. It is unique and extremely powerful. These Lessons are some of the actual lessons that were given to me over 30 years ago by my “uncle” when I was being trained in the “manifesting” arts and in superconscious.

The response from students is simply amazing. Here is what some students are saying about the Science of Personal Mastery Course. “I am more aware, conscious, and awake then ever before. My ‘vision’ is so deep, my knowingness is so profound, and my understanding of everything is at levels I could not even imagine before. I am the happiest I have ever been. And everything in my life is simply and like magic, getting better.”
“After 3 Lessons, I feel more powerful and more in control of my life than I ever thought I could be. I feel like a Wizard having the power to create/attract into my physical reality anything I want. I feel totally at cause over everything in my environment.”

“This Course is nothing like Kevin has ever done. I can tell he was waiting for the right time and the right place to release this training. It is fun, and it is awesome. I feel like I am going through Harry Potter School, learning all the real secrets of making your reality what you want. This is so far more advance than anything I have ever read, or any material in any seminar I have ever gone through.”
“Kevin has power and energy. It comes through the words in the Course. He must be god-realized/SELF-realized/enlightened or something like that. He is different. This Course is so different than any other course or training or book. It is stunning, amazing, wonderful, over the top and awesome in every way.”
I encourage you to get the Nuggets of Gold Newsletter now (you get the Science of Personal Mastery Course free). The donation is low, only $19.95 per month. If you want to donate for 12 months in advance the cost is only $210.00! Go to and donate now to receive your newsletter and the Course!