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Happy Wonderful 2018 to You All!

You are about to embark on a magical journey by reading these monthly messages (lessons) that will be a part of this Nuggets of Gold Newsletter. The Universe/Source has brought us together in this way for our mutual benefit. Get ready for magic to happen in your life.

YOU want and have desires for “something”. Maybe you want material things, like money and the things money can buy. Or maybe you want/desire intangible things like the “feeling” of contentment, accomplishment, peace, serenity, harmony, joy, bliss, freedom, passion, an improved self image, confidence, a feeling of self worth and that you deserve success in life etc. Maybe you want a relationship (to be loved and to love someone, either a friend or lover). Perhaps you want better health, more physical energy, better mental clarity, a reshaped thin body etc. Or maybe you want a better job, a better social life, a business of your own, being debt free, travel, getting over an addiction, eliminating depression/stress/anxiety or a phobia, better relationships with friends, family members, neighbors, working associates, relatives, etc. The list of wants/desires is endless. There are no right and wrong wants/desires. Simply listen to your inner “Self”, follow your feelings, and you will come up with your own desires/wants/preferences/choices/dreams/goals etc.

Everything starts with a desire/dream/goal. Some of you have a desire to have NO desires at all…which IS in fact a desire. To live with a wonderful sense of “detachment”: not being “owned or attached to anything or anyone” so that you are always free to feel how you choose to feel 100% regardless of the conditions/circumstances/events/situations/or people around you. It is the freedom to be blissfully happy no matter what happens around you or to you or is said about you. Wanting to achieve this is still to have a desire. Everything starts with a desire/dream. Desires/dreams lead to you creating, which is why you are here.

So, what do YOU want? What is your dream/desire/goal/preference? You are standing at the buffet of life and everything is available to you. All you have to do is choose what YOU desire/want…..and your wish is YOUR command! What do you want? Read till the end of the paragraph then stop reading and think! Answer the question! Think…and feel….go slow….and breath…smile…feel good….be still…quiet the mind……what do you want?…….now stop reading for a few minutes and begin to answer this question. Then come back and continue reading.

As you are reading this lesson/message now and every month? Know that I am intending for YOU to manifest, live, and experience all your desires/dreams so that your joy is full and overflowing. We are connected as you read this. More than you can ever imagine! (Because as long as you still are embodied in a physical body your knowingness of this fact can only go so far, thus we ARE connected more than you, right now, have to ability to even imagine, let alone “know”.)

This connection combined with these messages/lessons will assist you in releasing your own power so that you can manifest your dreams faster and easier than ever before, and ultimately be happier and more at peace/harmony/contentment that you have ever felt. The end game is you feeling totally 100% fulfilled on all levels of being! Feeling on top of the world all the time!

Why and how will this work?

First, think of all the great “Masters” throughout history. Think of individuals that did great monumental things or came to realizations about life that allowed them to start a “movement”, invention, business, political ideology, product or religion that had or still has, a major impact on the world. Let’s list just a few:

Buddha, Jesus, Gandhi, Mandela, Jobs, Devos and Van Andel, Mary Kay Ash, Dr. Shaklee, Many Nobel Prize winners, Ford, Einstein, Edison, Tesla, Columbus, Martin Luther, Confucius, Thoreau, Calvin, Lenin, Marx, Mohammed, L. Ron Hubbard, all the “Guru’s” who founded various spiritual movements, authors like Napoleon Hill, Dyer, Hicks, or Wattles etc. The list goes on.

Additionally, most leaders of countries around the world, throughout history, who have had a major impact (positive or negative, like Hitler) fall into this list. Most founders of religions, or “leaders” of religions or philosophical movements fall into this list. Also, most billionaires fall into this list.

There is a common denominator with all these people throughout history.

ALL of them, BEFORE they were “enlightened”, or became “aware”, or had their epiphany, or made their mental “breakthrough”, or had the future clearly exposed before them, or had the realization of Truth, and BEFORE they started their “movement” or began spreading their “knowledge”, they ALL spent time alone, in relative seclusion (away from people). MANY were in prison, and most were secluded in rural, nature filled settings (forests, islands etc). ALL of them had this “time alone” with nature and “God/Source”, for at least many months, most years. Buddha spent 7 years in the forest…alone. Jesus spent at least 3-5 years alone in the desert before he started his ministry.

Now let me explain the significance of this. When a person is “forced” or chooses to spend “time alone” for months or YEARS, he has the unique opportunity to connect with Source without any interference. This is a rare condition. When ALONE or secluded in nature (which IS SOURCE) for months or YEARS, a person CAN (but not always does) experience this connection to the Universal Field in ways and in depths that are beyond anyone’s comprehension as it is beyond words. When this happens, the download of knowledge is uninterrupted and without interference or filters, thus pure. Additionally, the releasing of mental/emotional/spiritual “blocks” happens at an accelerated rate. Thus a person’s ability to think and process data at great speeds is dramatically enhanced.

The main phenomena that COULD occur at various levels are: massive downloads of universal knowledge: of past, present and future; Understanding of this knowledge; thought speed dramatically increases making comprehension/understanding of this knowledge and truth past, present and future obviously apparent; with this complete Understanding of Truth, contentment, bliss and joy are almost permanent flowing emotions; Judging, criticizing and condemning can become non existent; compassion, and acceptance can be constant; love permeates the being and positively affects all who come into contact with it. There are more, but you get the point.

I have had 2 such experiences in my life so far. I am now in my third time of “seclusion”.

So how does this help YOU make YOUR dreams come true?

Simply this. The “powers that be”, throughout history have wanted all mankind to have lack of “knowledge/Truth”; a slow speed of thought; and be easy to control and manipulate by getting man to believe what “they” wanted man to believe.

I have explained this is great detail (about programming) in the Success Mastery Course, my KT Radio Show and all my books such as “Natural Cures they don’t want you to know about”.

This keeps those in power, in power (control/wealth). Why is keeping power/control so important to those who have it? Power/control are addictive, more than the most addictive drug. It gives the illusion of getting closer to Truth/Bliss/Contentment/connection to Source/God, yet the more power and control (wealth) you get, IF you are seeking these “things” with the belief it will give you the feeling you are REALLY inside seeking, the more you believe “just a little more” will get you what you truly seek. What is being sought is a “feeling”, (once experienced in ancient past by all of us), that all of us want to re-experience. But they (like most of us) have been deceived/mislead along the line and are searching down the wrong path.

The answer lies simply within, not without. All Truth/Joy/Bliss/Contentment that surpasses all comprehension and understanding and is absolutely indescribable comes from simply connecting with Source. Knowing your True Self. Having the awareness and realization of that fact that you are already ONE with ALL-that-IS. (This state does not come WHEN you attain a desire.) When this state is attained (by simple awareness), you already HAVE the joy/peace you seek, thus you realize/know you will not get it from without. You now know that you will not get it by achieving things in the material world. The best part is now you CAN have desires/dreams/preferences and make them manifest (as you are the ultimate creators), but now you are doing it for the joy of creating (the joy you already possess and experience) instead of believing that getting your desires will give you what you truly seek, as you already have it. Life now becomes moment to moment bliss! AND you get any and all desires you choose. All while feeling great all the time!

Almost all those is power/control/extreme wealth never reach this state. They are like the drug addicts who always needs more drugs to get the same “high” and it is never as good as their first “high”. So they do more and more and more drugs until they die, never getting the relief or the feeling they have been seeking. J.D. Rockefeller (the richest man in the world in his time, worth in today’s dollars over $200 billion!), was on his deathbed still working to make more money. He was asked, how much money he needed to make to be happy. His sad answer was “just a little more”! Ford, Jobs, Walton, Hughes, and almost every Billionaire you can name was trying to make more money right until the end and lacked contentment and was unfulfilled.

Throughout history, the people in power around the world, have done 2 simple things to keep their power/control/wealth over the masses (because power is the most addictive “drug” there is, they will do anything to keep it and get more of it).

First, the have used a secret science of “image creation” to create beliefs in people, of things that are not true. With mass media today, this is easy, as the media is controlled by those in power.

Next, they have always tried to slow down a person’s speed of thinking. Your mind/brain is like a computer. If you have a computer with a very slow operating speed, it takes a long time for it to compute things. If your download speed is slow, it can take hours to download something. Remember dial up service for the Internet? When you tried to download something, it could take HOURS. That same download now takes 1-2 seconds! Your mind is the same way. If your speed of thought (that also means download speed) is slow, then your ability to download new information from the Universal Field, and to process this information/knowledge, is very slow and/or you cannot come to conclusions at all, as there is an overload in the mind and it freezes up. Thus you just give up hard thinking! And when your download speed is slow, most simply stop trying to access the Universal Field of all knowledge, because you simply cannot download the massive amount of data. (and even if you COULD, your thought speed is so slow, you cannot process it anyway so you give up, letting others do it, then tell you what to do and what to think.)

So, with control over the “images” you are being exposed to (the programming of your brain which creates your beliefs) and with you having a slow speed of thought (brain/mind processing speed as well as download speed)…the powers that be then have complete control over you without you even realizing it. YOU think you are in control because they “make” you think and believe what they want.

All this is explained, including HOW your thought speed is slowed down, in detail in the Success Mastery Course, my radio show broadcasts, and in my books such as “Natural Cures they don’t want you to now about”.

To help you achieve your dreams, first we must expose the “issues”. We must shed light on the “problems”. Once you see the “problem” you are already partially free of its power over you. But more importantly, we must FOCUS on the SOLUTION.

These messages/lessons are going to be focusing on the solutions. You will feel great during and after you read these.

The objective is to simultaneously free you from the programming you have received and continue to receive from the “image makers’, and to increase your speed of thought. When these 2 things happen, even to a small degree, you begin to feel freedom like you have never felt before. You begin to feel more content, happy, at peace. You feel more in control of your life experience and realize you can create any life experience you want. You begin to be happy NOW, and are able to manifest what you want in your life easier and faster than ever before.

So, today truly is the first day of the rest of your life. You can become totally free, on all levels and all dimensions. The decision is yours. All success for you, for all time, is simply a decision away. You are not reading this by accident. It has been said, when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. I as a lifelong student myself, I have always had the “teacher” (in whatever form Source knows is best, not always a PERSON, but maybe an experience!) appear ONLY when I am 100% ready to receive AND it is my TIME to receive. There is a time for learning, and there is a time for teaching. There is a time for planting and there is a time for harvesting.

I have and continue to be in the time of “learning”, downloading, and releasing abilities. Much of what I was taught many years ago were seeds planted, that have sprouted over time, and that are now being harvested. Along with all the “new”, I will now be sharing ALL of them with you.

You might be getting tingling sensations right now as I am. This is special for you and for me. You will be a special group to me in a very personal way. We have a connection unique from any other. The magic is already happening and I know you can feel it.

I am student and teacher, and you are student and teacher as well. You will be a source of energy to all around you just by your being-ness. You will have a positive impact on so many just by being you and living your life full of joy. Your best is before you. How lucky we both are to be on this path together. Years from now, I am sure we will be together somewhere in the world, in person, sharing joy, happiness and wonderful stories of these early days. We will talk and laugh about the first month’s newsletter I wrote from prison. We will be joyful in the magnificent lives we live, yet will not be surprised by the magnificence and opulence of our earthly material lives or the indescribable inner joy and bliss we experience. We will simply be enjoying beyond words the lives we have chosen to create and all the experiences/people/events/conditions/situations/material things/inner feelings we have attracted, created, and manifested into our lives.

I look so forward to meeting you personally and that will happen! When I am free from this temporary short incarceration (the gift from the Universe), all of you who are subscribers will be invited to a private event with me, where I will shake your hand, give you a wonderful heart felt hug, and I will have the honor of having a picture taken with you! And our special lifelong friendship will continue into eternity. You are special. Our bond is special. I am so appreciative of you. Without YOU, I would not be typing these words. Without me being in prison, this newsletter/course would not exist. We must all be thankful and grateful for all that has happened.

Remember, there are no good or bad “things/events/situations” except that our thinking makes it so. Everything that has happened, MUST had to have happened for the highest good for ALL. It is ALL perfect. So pop the champagne!

The Universe/Source is Divine and Perfect. Timing is ALWAYS perfect even if we THINK we know better. How blessed we are. How wonderful life is. How perfect the Law of Attraction is. How perfect the power of “love” is. How glorious and spectacular the NOW is and every moment we live and breathe! This moment and every moment is absolute perfection. Revel in it. Taste the deliciousness of it. Savor the sweet nectar of this moment. Be still and know that you are one with All-that-IS . Be still and know that you are one. Be still and know. Be still. Be. Feel the joy bubbling up with you and flowing through you. (this is the FORCE)

Welcome to a new world of possibilities and experiences……………the journey has begun.

Between now and next month’s message/lesson/newsletter, I would encourage you to do a few things to maximize your growth and help you achieve what you want in life faster:

  • Reread this message/lesson at least once. More is better. Rereading it everyday or every other day will have powerful effects on you as each reading of it in a new unit of time will reveal to you more than the previous reading, as much of the benefits of these messages/lessons are hidden “between the lines”, and in the energy being transmitted to you each time you read the lesson, and not just in the words of the lesson, and the intellectual understanding of the concepts presented.

(this is true of all my audio, video and written material I have ever produced)

  • Go to the Kevin Trudeau Community Facebook page and read or reread all the messages there in date order starting from the first message. (even if you have already read them, it is better to now read them again) Printing all those messages or downloading them in an easy to access digital format might be helpful. Reading some each day would be a very positive idea. You will resonate with some more than others, but all are ideally read as they plant seeds that these lessons/messages will help sprout and grow within you.
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Each monthly newsletter will contain a “lesson/message”. Each month’s newsletter will also contain from time to time updates on my legal situation as well as other informational material that I am sure you will find interesting/uplifting/motivational/inspiring/entertaining and helpful in your life.

As a subscriber to “Nuggets of Gold” I also encourage you to send in any questions you may have about anything in these messages/lessons or in the newsletter itself, anything in my Facebook posts, or any question about anything (even a silly question about my life here or something going on in the world). No question is off limits. I will answer as many questions as possible in upcoming issues of this newsletter.

You can also send to me your personal testimonial about how things are working out in your life. We will reprint some of your letters and testimonials from time to time so you can read how this material (including the Success Mastery Course, the books, the Facebook posts, the events etc) are positively impacting people’s lives around the world.

Thank you so much for all your love and support. You are a magnificent being of light. You are divine. You are adorable and lovable. As the late Zig Ziglar said ” You were born to win, you were engineered for success, you were designed for accomplishment, you were endowed with the seeds of greatness.”

Now is the time for you to be, do and have all that you already ARE! All your dreams ARE already yours in the non physical! They all actually exist right this moment. Now is the time to allow yourself to receive them into your physical experience, as they simply transform from the formless vibrational reality, to the physical material reality of form for you to touch, see, feel…so that your joy is full and over flowing. The best is NOW to come for YOU.

Much love and may you never be the same.

To be continued next month…

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Much love.

Kevin Trudeau

A Sip Of GIN A Day Keeps Success Coming Your Way

The “Frustration Monster” is one that GIN teaches you how to slay and eliminate from your life.  Frustration usually is a byproduct of not getting what you want and desire or not getting it as quick and as fast as you want it to come.  The frustration Monster begins to grow and expands when you are doing everything you were told to do, everything you know to do and doing it to the best of your ability but it’s just not working and it gets worse because you cannot figure out what you are doing wrong.  If you don’t learn how to slay that Frustration Monster it will get out of control and become unbearable.  The great new is, that Monster is easily destroyed and eliminated from your life…once you know how to do it.

First and foremost realize that the problem of manifesting Is Not Because…

  • You don’t want it bad enough
  • You are not intelligent enough
  • You are not worthy enough
  • Because fate is against you
  • Law of Attraction does not work

The reason you don’t have what you want is because you are holding yourself in a Vibrational holding pattern that does not match the vibration of your desire.  Once you realize that this is all it is, and so simple to fix by simply raising and/or matching your vibration to the vibration of what you want all frustration will go away, the “Frustration Monster” is destroyed because what you want shows up.  Any time you seem to not be getting the things you want realize it is simply a matter of vibration disharmony or lack of vibration congruency.

When you understand these truths life becomes so much easier, joyful, harmonious, and prosperity starts flowing in like a mighty rushing river.  Who’ s afraid of the big bad “Frustration Monster”?  Not you anymore because I just taught you how to kick his rear end so high up he will walk around hunch back for 10 years!

You are powerful, blessed, loved and highly magnificent.  Go out and conquer the world, you have the power within you to do it.

We send love and light to you every day,

Jojan Hendriks
Created by Don and Melinda Boyer

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A Sip Of GIN A Day Keeps Success Coming Your Way

Dearest Beloved Friends,

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It it will change your life forever, That’s it period!

We want to thank all of you who attended the “Live GIN Call” last night where each Sunday the momentum of “Energy Power” gets Stronger and Stronger.  We had some great input from level VI Visionary member Sharda Edwards where she led us into 68 seconds of sending light, health and energy to someone that was in need of physical restoration.  The Vibration and Heat was intense.

I was thinking the other day about vaults and safes and how we use those things to hide what we perceive as valuables such as cash, diamonds, jewelry, and hard assets but leave wide open the most valuable assets of all such as…

  • Our Dreams
  • Our Hopes
  • Our Excitement
  • Our Faith
  • Our Enthusiasm
  • Our Inspiration

These are the true riches and assets of life and they get robbed every day by people because we leave them unguarded and left in the wide open.  Yes it’s important to safe guard our physical assets but we must “Super Guard”  those none tangible assets that are the elements of life.  Here is the key…It is our responsibility  to guard those precious assets; if we leave them in the open or unguarded rest assured they will be stolen from you.   What is the safe or vault you lock those non tangible assets in?

  1. Your Dream Book better known as your “I Have to Have it Now Book”.
  2. Fellow GIN Members.  This is the power of GIN we have brother and sisters of the same belief who support those assets we have in a spirit of love and harmony.
  3. Your Mentor.  Our Mentors are the ones who cheer us on and become our biggest fan corner.
  4. GIN Materials.  Studying your GIN materials is like adding fuel to your dreams, hopes, excitement, faith, enthusiasm and inspiration.

If you have your physical assets robbed from you it’s pretty easy to recover and bounce back but if you let your non physical assets be stolen I have seen people who never made it back.  Guard your most valuable assets, you will be glad you did!

We send love and light to you every day,

Jojan Hendriks
Created by Don and Melinda Boyer

So many “experts” and teachers/trainers/authors claim they have no time to train themselves

So many “experts” and teachers/trainers/authors claim they have no time to train themselves, and claim they do not “need” any training, because they know it already. They stopped learning and stopped being teachable. They claim to have all these years of “experience”, when they really have only 1 or 2 years of experience repeated over and over. They actually have not grown or “really internally learned” anything new in many years.

What they teach has not passed the test of time. They simply read a book or go to a seminar and just start teaching that material as if it is fact. They mimic and parrot whatever they “learn” (hear), without putting it into practice themselves, and without gaining personal knowledge and inner experience with the material, or a complete sense of knowingness about the material. Does this sound like some people you might be “learning” from? Does this sound a little like you?

I encourage all of you to always remain humble, teachable and coachable. I encourage all of you to continue training, learning, growing, experiencing. I encourage all of you to to never take anything I say or anyone says, or anything you read in a book or learn in a seminar or audio program as “fact”, but rather test it out yourself. Get a personal experience from it.

Let it pass the test of time. Get a deep sense of understanding of the material and knowingness before you start to promote, or endorse anything. Always be learning (even from the ignorant). Always be growing. Always be expanding. Always be humble (even with the arrogant). Always be teachable (even from the fool or the know it all). Always be open (even from the closed minded). Always be tolerant (even from the intolerant and bigots). Always be loving, understanding, compassionate and accepting (even from the unloving, the hard headed snobs, the hateful, and the judgmental, critical, and condemning self righteous zealots).

You will be the wise one. You will be the happy one. You will be the enlightened one. You will live the life of your dreams in peace and contentment manifesting all your desires. You will have it all. I have left many powerful messages here over the last few months. Unless you have been checking this page everyday, I am sure you missed a few. I suggest you go back and read them. They will have a positive effect on your life. Much love.

Kevin Trudeau

I suggest you go and read them as they contain extremely helpful information to help you achieve your dreams in life.

I suggest you go and read them as they contain extremely helpful information to help you achieve your dreams in life.

Many people confuse “feel good now”, with simply “masking the pain”. Doing drugs, sexual promiscuity, traveling, changing jobs, spending money, watching hours of TV, spending hours on social media sites, exercising to excess etc can many times be simply distractions that are covering up your pain. You think you are doing things that make you “feel good”, when you are just numbing the pain, and then wonder why things are not working out well and even getting worse.

Many people also confuse “feel good now”, with avoiding or not doings things that would be best for them if they want their dreams/desires to come into reality. Your dream might be to have a fit slim body, but you eat ice cream because it “feels right” and “makes me feel good now”. If you are dealing with the above types of issues then that means you do not have a “dream” you are committed to, but rather are living in a dream world. Your dreams will never come true. You must be able to distinguish between being in alignment (feeling good now) , “masking the pain”, being delusional, and simply sticking your head in the sand to avoid or distract yourself from the reality you have created. You must be able to know the difference between these various types of “feelings” and the true inner SELF feeling of being in alignment.

You must also learn to “confront” your SELF, your thoughts, and all of you past actions with humility and peace. Think about this.
You can see how close to you are to able to “confront” things in your life, and capable of feeling good now without simply masking the pain, distracting yourself from your pain, and living in a dream world (where you think you can eat ice cream all day and still have a fit trim body because all you have to do, is do anything that “feels good”).

Here is the test. Can you sit and simply meditate in silence, focusing on your breath? Can you do this for 20 minutes? Can you do this for an hour? How about 3 hours? And do you feel amazing doing it? Does it give you inner joy that overflows? This is the test. Being able to be with your SELF is your test of being able to be in alignment, have inner peace/happiness and manifesting all your dreams/desires in life.

This will be discussed in length in the Science of Personal Mastery Course. There will be drills and exercises that I will teach you that will give you this ability. You can and need to have the ability to distinguish and discern between the real inner “feelings” that are your guidance system to making good choices versus those fraudulent and misleading “feelings” that many people think are the real thing. You need to be able to know the difference if you want to master your world, emotions, and your life experience. I encourage you to consider becoming a contributor to the Nuggets of Gold Newsletter that is being offered by the Kevin Trudeau Legal Defense Fund.

When you do, you get included the Science of Personal Mastery Course free. The Science of Personal Mastery Course is being called the finest “success and enlightenment training of all time”. All proceeds go the legal defense fund to pay all the outstanding legal bills and all future legal expenses. Much Love Kevin Trudeau

All of you are each on your own unique path/journey

All of you are each on your own unique path/journey. You all are vibrating at different awareness levels. There are not good and bad awareness levels. They simply are all different. Some of you are on a very “physical body” awareness level with strong desires for things relating to the body: muscles, energy, weight, how you look, sex, food, all body sensation pleasures etc. Others are more attuned to money and material possessions: cars, houses, jewelry, and the “trappings” of money wealth etc. Some other frequencies/levels/attractor fields (your primaries desires) you might be at might include: power/control; freedom; stability; security; family; social life; intellectual stimulation; creativity in various forms like arts/music etc; creating things; fame; acceptance; status; spiritual enlightenment; being happy etc. There are many “levels” a person might be at. Are ‘levels/vibrations” can change from time to time. They can go back and forth. When you read a book or read one of these posts, you might “resonate” with the message or not, depending on where you are at in terms of YOUR frequency (awareness). If you read a book, or one of these posts, or listen to a speaker etc and you do not relate to it, do not like it, feel turned off by it, KNOW that SOMEONE actually LOVES it and it will positively impact THEIR life! Because the message is tuned into THEIR vibration/frequency level. If your level is on money and material things, when you hear about love/spirituality/enlightenment, you might actually get angry, thinking…I want money to pay my bills, who cares about enlightenment when your bills are late! Or, when someone else hears a message that talks about making money, (which resonates with YOU), they might think, who cares about money..there are more important things than just materialism! KNOW and understand that all of us are on different frequency channels…respect the other person’s channel (desires). There are no right and wrong channels (desires). Step back and see the bigger picture and wider perspective. Understanding/compassion/acceptance is helpful if you want to “see”. No matter what frequency you vibrate on or what channel you are tuned into (desires you have), if you ask yourself “why do I want this” and keep asking why..you will end up with a desire to have a certain “feelings”. Seeing this will release more of your potential and power than you can imagine. Judge not, least you not be judged. Allow others to have the desires they want without, judgment, condemnation or criticism. And LOVE and embrace YOUR desires/wants/dreams, whatever they are. Acquiring money/material things is actually one of the easiest desires to obtain. If you want lots of money..go for it! Be as rich as you desire! Just like getting in great shape and getting the weight and body you want, making money is actually easy! (I know YOU don’t think so! and THAT is what is stopping you from having it….your own belief!) Think of this, 100% of the people who want a great body/perfect weight can achieve it, all they have to do, is do the right things, long enough consistently. If anyone went to a “fat farm” for 6 months, everyone would lose weight and get in great shape! (as they would be eating only the right foods and a lot less and exercising). It works 100% of the time. The only issue is how to get you to actually DO IT. The answer is, all the training is available to you in the Success Mastery Course, The Science of Personal Mastery Course and the books I have recommended in previous posts. You can do anything. You CAN have it all. You ARE magnificent right now! Go for your dreams! More to come….keep reading these posts!
Much love…..KT