You will ALREADY BE happy!

Your subconscious KTTvibration is ONE of the vibrations/frequencies (along with what you are deliberately thinking) that is attracting into your life everything you experience. The vibration of love/appreciation/joy/bliss is the highest frequency and brings to you all your desires. Thinking loving thoughts and DOING loving things on a regular basis gets your subconscious vibration/frequencies into the love/appreciation level. There are 2 ways of getting loving/bliss/joy/appreciation thoughts into your mind, thus into your subconscious (over time and repetition). We can think loving thoughts; think about things that make us feel joy, appreciation and bliss. Or we can sing or dance! It is true. People sing and dance because they are happy. However, it is also true that you can GET happy because you sing and dance! Think about this while singing and dancing to your favorite music and see how you feel (vibrate). Then watch all the good stuff show up in your life! But it will not matter much, because you will ALREADY BE happy and full of joy/bliss/ and appreciation! By the way, if you have not visited here in a while, I suggest you go back and read some of my posts I have left over the last few months. I think you will find them very helpful to you in your life. Until next time, much love Kevin Trudeau

Abraham says so beautifully

ask-it-is-givenAbraham (Esther Hicks) says so beautifully, that the magic to making your dreams come true is to ALLOW it to happen. They call it the art of allowing. Think about this. You cannot “will” yourself to sleep. The harder you “try” to or make yourself fall asleep, the longer you will stay awake. You must “let” yourself fall asleep. And when you do, you cannot remember WHEN you fell asleep. This is how manifesting works. It is allowing. There is a secret to this. There is a way that you “activate” your “allowing” capacity, which then opens the floodgates of your “vibrational escrow” where all your desires that have not physically manifested yet are stored. When you do this exercise that opens the vibrational escrow doors, things that you have been asking for start simply “showing up” in your life! There is an art AND a science to “allowing” all your desire to manifest into your physical experience. This is extremely powerful and works. Kevin Trudeau